Meeting with Mrs. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL

12 Aug

On 11th August, 2015 S/Shri M.R. Vashist, All India President, J.B. Kumpavat, Executive President, A.N. Patel Circle President Gujarat and D.D. Mistry met Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR) BSNL at her office.

The following were discussed:

1. We extended our invitation to attend and address our Open Session of 2nd All India Conference of BDPA (INDIA) on 22nd September, 2015 at 15.00 hours on Tagore Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad. She accepted our invitation. We are thankful to her.

2. We explained our difficulties in serving the Pensioners as are not supplied Pensioners related orders/circulars/notifications etc issued by the BSNL Corporate office and requested her to incorporate our name in mailing list for such issues. She assured to consider our request positively.

3. Restoration of quarterly Medical Allowance for Pensioners:  We have explained Pensioners  difficulties in visiting their parent offices and to submit their claims due to age factor and avoidable queries and delay.We requested to expedite  the issue of restoration of the same is under active consideration by the BSNL Corporate.  We also requested her to take care of Pensioners interest while  preparing a compressive med-claim scheme for ‘in-patient treatment’ by corporate office.and shall be happy if the pensioners interest is taken due care of. She sympathized with our issue and said that separate policy for pensioners will be difficult. However, she will look into.


Holding Pension Adalat at Circle/SSA level:  We explained need for holding such adalat and submitted detailed  note explaining the need for it. She exphatically said that it will not be possible as the CCAs are holding such Adalat for BSNL Pensioners. We also said that in each Adalat, 80% of cases are related to the Pensioners’ service period for which BSNL Offices have to act. The CCAs have no authority to deal with such cases and merely they transfer the cases to BSNL Offices with instructions to settle the case. Unfortunately, such cases are never attended for decades to gather and pensioners have to suffer.

She said that instructions can be issued for CGMs to entertain Pensioners Association to explain their difficulty quarterly.


Restoration of Farewell Functions – Case of Ahmedabad Telecom District – We brought to her notice that the PGM ATD Ahmedabad has discontinued to hold such functions citing the Welfare Committee Decision whereas the Farewell functions are to be held on each month as per standing instructions of the BSNL Corporate Office. When we sought for the detailed information through RTI it was revealed the item was not in agenda nor it was decided. On the contrary the PGM has warned against this before taking any decision as can be seen from the minutes. We have  addressed the CGM Gujarat to restore the same but he has so far not taken any decision. We requested for suitable instruction in the issue. We also cited that on national level, Hon’ble PM is in favour of holding seminar etc for retirees to educate how to live healthy and useful live to the nation. In such functions, detailed instructions were given to the Pensioners regarding various provisions on BSNL MRS and other service related issues but now they are deprived.

6.While discussing other vital issues we brought to her notice a case Allotment of quarters to family pensioners especially the spouse of the diseased where the GMTD Godhra has denied such facility to deceased family of Bhagatsinh Kkasnabhai Rathod  who was working in the post of SRTOAG in BSNL  Godhra  Gujarat Circle. He has just pass away on 6th Jun 2015. His service is remaining about 2 n half year and the family has no own .

Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai was present in our meeting. We also invited him for our 2nd AIC at Ahmedabad.