Meeting with Shri Pravin Kumar Purwar, CMD BSNL

26 Mar

D.D. Mistry GS,  M.R. Vashist and A.N. Patel, BDPA (INDIA) had a meeting with  Shri Pravin Kumar Purwar, CMD BSNL, in Corporate Office on 24.03.2023 Evening. They discussed following irritating issues of BSNL Pensioners. 


  1. Request to advance date of effect w.e.f. 01.07.2020 for treatment of Covid-19.We are enclosing herewith a copy of BSNL HQ Order No: SNLCOADMN/11(15)/2/2021-ADMN dated 3rd May, 2021 wherein Guidelines under BSNLMRS in view of Covid-19 pandemic have been issued. Since epidemic was from March 2020. We request you to kindly extend the date of implementation from March 2020 instead of issue of the order and handed him a copy of our letter with full details. 

              Click for letter: 06.03.2023 web CMD BSNL FOR EXTN

              We brought to his notice that the orders issued were very positive and helpful to the BSNL Pensioners fraternity in pandemic time. We further clearly said that since the pandemic had started in full form rom April 2020, the said order should be modified inserting the clause that it will be effective from April, 2020

               The Chairman said it will be looked into with positive consideration.

  1. A request to allot more funds for Medical Reimbursement for BSNL Pensioners. In many states bills from 2019-2020 are pending. In Gujarat Circle, Valsad, Surat, Vadodara and Ahmedabad many cases are pending. The detailed letter already posted.

                We conveyed our thanks for releasing fund for long pending indoor/outdoor and fixed medical bill pending from 2019-2020 and said that since the allotment was not made many of the SSA Heads and CGMs administrative Machinery had ignored the work of checking and approving. Now in many cases clarifications are asked for which are sometimes possible and in many Districts still many claims were pending. We brought to his notice specific issue of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Valsad District cases.

             The Chairman heard us patiently and said, his office is monitoring the work and to clear more bills, allotment of Rs.80 crore rupees is being made.

  1. Accommodation: We are working for assisting BSNL & CCA offices to represent genuine grievances of the BSNL Pensioners, such as issuing of DLC, application for FP etc. We handed him a copy of our letter. In Gujarat more than 1800 members are on District Branch and they need simple permission to seat anywhere in PGM Office complex, which is denied.

               Click:07.03.2023 MOC-on-Office-Accommodation-supply-of-rules

               The Chairman said that he is aware of the issue but clearly said that it is not possible. The issue can be mutually discussed with the GMs and workable way could be found by amicable discussion. We brought to his notice a specific case of Surat Telecom District, where the office of the Pr.GM Surat Telecom District is more rigid and negative. He heard it patiently and said to look into. 

  1. To extend validity of BSNL MRS card for one year by making on line provision and also issue instructions to continue the available option unless the Pensioners desires.

           We brought to his notice that instead of inviting the Option from all the BSNL Pensioners, only those pensioner who desire to change their option should be permitted and for the rest of the Pensioner their old option should be continued. Further, we requested him to renew BSNL Medical Card on line so that all the Pensioners need not visit the office from remote places.

                    The Chairman heard it sympathetically and said that it will be examined.

  1. A case of Shri M.G. Patel, Sr. TOA (G), retired on 31.07.2010 from the Office of the GMTD Valsad. Case is pending in your office for issuance of Presidential Order.             

             We brought to his notice complete details of his case and said that despite repeated and sincere efforts of the CCA Gujarat, the case is pending in Corporate Office for want of issuing necessary Presidential Order.

               The Chairman to look into it sympathetically.

                Meeting was very cordial and Chairman hear us with most positive and sympathetic mind and we thanked him for giving us his valuable time for BSNL Pensioners issues.