Meeting with Shri S K Vermaji Jt. Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan, NEW DELHI 110 001

25 Jun

Meeting with Shri S K Verma ji Jt. Secretary, Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan, NEW DELHI 110 001.

On 23rd June, 2022, S/Shri M.R. Vashist Executive President,  D.D. Mistry General Secretary, R.C. Sharma Asst. Treasurer and Smt. Kshatriya D.C. Invitee CHQ met Shri S.K. Varma ji, Secretary, DoT and discussed the following issues:

  1. Request to expedite Pension Revision for BSNL Pensioners: While initiating discussion, he said that it is the stand of DoT that for Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners is linked with Wage Revision of the BSNL Employees. However, in view of various representations received from the Pensioners Associations, Establishment Section of DoT has prepared note for BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision with two or three options.  He said that he sympathies with demand of workers and will always try to do all possible within framework of the rules. While apprehended say on element of anomaly, G.S. said that it is established fact that at the time of Pay/Pension revision, an element of anomaly always crops up and this will as such this should be taken as one of by product and can be dealt with suitably suggesting practical solutions; and should not be considered as hindrance. We requested to have this view in mind and while  preparing this note, this should be taken note of; and requested to move the issue with possible speed, as pensioners are awaiting for their Pension revision since 01.01.2017 and pandemic period of Covid-19, many pensioners have lost their lives and passing through fiscal stress.   Click for our Letter: 23.06.2022 Joint Secretary Pension Revision
  2. Request to prescribe uniform procedure for examining cases for unmarried/widow      daughter for approval of Family Pension: G.S. placed before him detailed note experiences by the unmarried daughter/divorcee daughter and handicapped son while seeking family pension. Prior to formation of DoT,  BSNL offices were dealing with the issue as the sanctioning authority for such pension was also under them. Now on formation of BSNL and creation of new set up , I.E. CCAs there is sea change in the situation. BSNL Offices have no staff acquainted with the rules and whom to nominate in Committees and how to get Income Certificates; which results in denial of majority of Family Pension Applicants and CCA is not prepared to listen. However, when such cases are brought up in Pension Adalat, the CCA assigns task of re-examination of such cases to the same authority which had denied. We demanded for issue of short introductory rules for CCA/BSNL. Click for letter: 23.06.2022 Joint Secretary Family Pension Procedure

  3. Proposal for Holding of PENSION ADALAT For BSNL Pensioners By  DoT/BSNL – once in a year: We pointed detailed and exhaustive list difficulties being faced by BSNL Pensioners. We represented that it is establish fact that in all Pension Adalat held by CCA more than 90 percent cases belongs to Pensioners related to their service period and BSNL is authority to deal with it. In such cases, CCA has power but for to request present representatives of BSNL to examine. As the officers attending Adalat are neither acquainted with rules and grievances of the Pensioners, they have to transfer the same to concerned section and Pensioner never get justice. Jt. Secy said specific cases can be brought to  his notice as to have Pension Adalat at DoT level will not be feasible.  Click for our letter: 23.06.2022 Joint Secretary Pension adalat