Method of pay fixation in IDA Pay scales in respect of absorbed officials of BSNL who were promoted after 01.10.2000 and opted IDA Pay scales from the date of their promotion/retirement.

21 Sep

Since many CGMs do not respond to BSNL HQ letters dated 12.11.2014, 01.12.2014, 03.02.2015, 23.03.2015, 03.07.2015, 13.04.2016, 22.06.2016 and 26.07.2016 and D.O. Letters dated 04.09.2015, 12.11.2015 & 22.02.2016 from GM (East) on the captioned subject.

Once again BSNL HQ vide letter No: 1-15/2011-PAT(BSNL) dated 18.09.2017 sought for required information without mentioned any time limit.

This is unique example how the BSNL HQ is helpless to have information and ultimately Pensioners are suffering, and sometimes leaving the world…


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