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Circular dated  20th March. 2017


The third meeting was held on 17th March, 2017.  The meeting was chaired by the Secretary Pension.  The said meeting was to specifically interact with the members of the Staff Side.  On behalf of the Staff side, the following comrades took part in the meeting.

  1. Com. M.Raghavaiah (Leader, Staff Side)
  2. Com. Sivgopal Misra(Secretary Staff Side)
  3. Com. KKN.Kutty(Confederation)
  4. Com. C. Sreekumar(AIDEF)
  5. Com. Guman Singh and (NFIR)
  6. Com. Sreenivasan (INDWF)

 As indicated earlier, several Associations of Group A Officers had made their presentations.  Some of the important points mentioned by them during the discussions were:


Item No.2

Include unmarried/widow /divorcee sister in the definition of family for family pension.

The scope of Family pension under Rule 52 of the CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 was extended to the dependent disabled siblings (brother and sister) of Central Government servants/pensioners vide DOP & PW O.M. No. 1/15/2008-P&PW (E) dated 17th August, 2009. There are cases wherein an employee/pensioner remains unmarried and leaves behind dependent unmarried/widow /divorcee sister/sisters. Though cases of such types may be few and far between, nonetheless, such hapless ladies need  to be taken care by the Government  lest they should be left to fend for themselves, after the death of Government Servant/pensioner on whom they were fully dependent  before his/her death.  We request to include dependent unmarried /widow /divorcee sister/sisters in the definition of family for the purpose of family pension .


Item No.10 

Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees – follow up action by the Ministry of Health and family Welfare & fixation of rates of contribution & ward entitlement.

Department of Telecommunications vide their OM No 4-12(11)2012-PAT dated 20/2/2014 have extended CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees who are in receipt of Central Civil pension/Pro-rata pension from Central Civil Estimates in consultation with the Ministry of Health& Family Welfare. BSNL retirees have been given an option to choose either CGHS or BSNL–MRS as per their convenience.

BSNL also vide its letter no. BSN/Admn/ 14-15/09 (pt) dated 2nd April, 2014 addressed to all the Chief General Managers, has asked them to give wide publicity and to assist the willing retired employees by forwarding their applications to the respective CGHS units for admission to CGHS.

But, the letter No. Z-5025/36/2006-CGHS-III Pt. Dated 9-1-2014 stated to have been issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare extending CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees,   does not seem to have been uploaded to its website or to the website of CGHS which has resulted in a large number of BSNL pensioners remaining unaware of the CGHS facility extended to themeven after a lapse of 14 months .Hence, immediate action for wide circulation of the said O.M. needs to be taken.

Further, since the DoT O.M. dated 20/2/2014 stipulates that the retired BSNL employees who opt for CGHS “would have to pay the requisite fee to CGHS as applicable to Government retirees”, the rate of monthly contribution payable by BSNL pensioner has to be fixed. It is to be noted that the contribution payable by the Government retirees is fixed on the basis of the Grade Pay that they would have drawn had they been in service whereas in BSNL there is no element of Grade Pay to fix the rate of contribution on par with Government retirees. The ward entitlement of Government retirees is also determined on the ‘notional Pay in Pay Band’. Hence, a new criterion on contribution and ward entitlement in respect of BSNL retirees must now be evolved, which must be in conformity with the rates applicable to CGHS Beneficiaries.