News in Brief

6 Mar

D.D. Mistry and A.N. Patel attended “Pensioners Day” Celebration of the Central Government Pensioners Association (Gujarat) on 05.03.2019 in Tagor Hall, Ahmedabad. Tributes were paid to martyrs of Pulwama victims and fund was raised for the purpose aiming to collect Rs. One Lac. Prominent Doctors of numerous Multi Specialities’ were also present and Musical Programm was also arranged. More than 700 Pensioners participated.

Meeting with Director (F):- AUAB Leader met Director (F) Shri Bazal and discussed about payment of salary to staff for the month of February, 2019 and the AUAB Leaders condemned the act of discrimination in payment of salary. The Director (F) assured that the salary may be paid within 4 or 5 days. He he could not give any concrete reply, since he had taken over charge recently. They could not meet CMD BSNL as it was reported that he is not feeling well and could not come in office on 05.03.2019.