7 Sep

ONE RANK ONE PENSION What is “one rank, one-pension” scheme: *Payment of uniform pension to military personnel retiring in same rank with same length of service, irrespective of date of retirement. *Any hike in pension rates to be automatically passed on to past pensioners. Why was being demanded:- *Civilian employees retire at 60. Military personnel retire much earlier (based on rank) when family liability is maximum and 2nd career is difficult *Sepoys retire at 35-38; NCOs & JCOs at 40-45 (Only 10% of sepoys become JCOs) *Most officers retire in early-50s (just a few become Lt-Generals/Air Marshals/Vice-Admirals to serve till 60) *Terms and conditions of military service much tougher than civilian government employees *Soldiers undergo hardship postings, with risk to live and restriction of fundamental rights *Successive pay commissions have widened gap between veterans who have retired earlier and those who retire later.

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