Only 13% of Jio’s customers have opted for “Jio Prime Membership” – others are migratory birds.

30 Mar

Reliance Jio proudly claims that it has acquired a customer base of 120 million, within a short period of 6 months. Now, it has announced that it’s free voice call and data offer is coming to an end on 31st March and has also called on it’s customers to join the “Jio Prime Membership Offer”, for which the customer has to pay Rs. 99 every month. But, the response for this call from Jio’s customers is very poor. Only 16 million customers, out of the total 120 million customers, have so far registered themselves for the “Jio Prime Membership Offer”. It means only 13% of the 120 million are Jio’s real customers. Others are only “migratory birds”, who went to Reliance Jio, to avail free services. (Courtesy: bsnleuweb).