Our Sincere Thanks to Family Members of late Shri M.P. Tankaria

28 Oct

In response to our appeal for Pension Revision Donation, letters received from the family members are notified for the favour of members. We are grateful to the family members for showing their affection and solidarity with the Association and remitting cheque of Rs.5100/-

It will be worth mentioning that when Shri M.P. Tankaria was alive, he was regularly remitting Rs.100/- per month as Donation to the BDPA (I).

Our other such regular  donors are S/Shri A.D. Dixit Ahmedabad and C.J. Chaudhary Vyara who are contributing Rs.100/  and Rs.200/- per month regularly. We also extend our sincere thanks for their noble gesture to make the organisation strong.

tankaria-rajkot tankaria-rajkot1