For the information of our Members,

19 Jul

In view of receiving persistent requests from our members, we have updated the Column “MEMBERS” containing information 1) Alphabetic List of Membership.  2. Check your administrative charges 3. Birthday list for July 2015.


18 Jul

Obituary: Mother of Bro.  Islam Ahmad (President NFTE) expired on 17.07.2015.  BDPA (INDIA) conveys heartfelt condolances to Bro. Islam Ahmad and his family.


17 Jul

To-day is a day to remember services rendered by late Shri Pravin R. Shah, who contributed lot in the formation and expansion of BDPA who expired on 17.07.2010  and pay homage to him and dedicate ourselves to his green and ever charished golden sweet memories.   Shah PR 1 Shah PR 2

Shah PR 3Shah PR 4

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78.2% I.D.A. Merger Issue

16 Jul

The Draft Cabinet Note was sent to (1) Department of Pension (2) Department of Expenditure (3) Ministry of Law (4) Department of Public Enterprise. First-one has submitted its comment, second-one has call for some information and rest are yet to … Read More »