Pension Adalat for Bharuch, Surat and Valsad held on 29.12.2021

30 Dec

Pension Adalat for Bharuch, Surat and Valsad held on 29.12.2021

Pension Adalat for Bharuch, Surat and Valsad held on 29.12.2021 at 12.00 hours in C.C.A. Gujarat Office. Dr. Kamal Kapoor, CCA was in the Chair. Shri Gunjan Mishra, Jt. CCA and other staff dealing with Pensioner’s case was also present. A.N. Patel, D.D. Mistry, R.C. Sharma and A.A. Patel BDPA (INDIA) were also present. Officers from BSNL were also present.

The following cases were discussed and decided:

  1. Case of Shri M.G. Patel, Sr. TOA (G), retired on 31.07.2010 from the Office of the GMTD Valsad requesting to issue Vigilance Certificate:

M.G. Patel represented his case through google meet on line and requested for early settlement of his case. Officers from BSNL admitted that the case is inordinately delayed and there was/is no any disciplinary case is pending/contemplated. The CCA asked the BSNL to expedite finalisation of the case within one month on war footing, treating it as contempt application. He said that Officers of higher rank has to pay attention for early disposal of the case. He also instructed his counterpart to issue PPO within one week from the receipt of the case from BSNL and pay all his clear. An application for commutation of pension, is not received/no on record, should be sought for from the official.

  1. Request to grant regular promotion from TES Gr B to ITS Gr. A -Case of Shri M. D. Chaudhari, Retd. SDE Valsad (Staff No.19096).

The case was received late by one day. However, it was taken and forwarded to the BSNL. The CCA asked BSNL to finalise the eligibility of promotion within one week and if eligible, BSNL should take further action for re-fixation so that his office can re-fix pension.

D.D. Mistry spoke on various confusion created by the CGM Gujarat on inviting applications for payment of Fixed Medical Allowance for Sampann Pensioners and related issued. The CCA said that is aware of the issue and necessary steps will be taken.

Then a slide show on Sampann “System for Accounting and Management of Pension – An Initiative of Department of Telecommunications was screened.

The CCA Gujarat Office has total 28455 Pensioner on establishment which comprises of 20058 non-Sampann and 8397 Sampann Pensioners (Retired after 1.1.2019).

From Non-Sampann Group 8942 are receiving their Pension through Post Offices and 11116 are receiving their Pension through Banks. All 8397 Sampann Pensioners are receiving their pension through Banks.

To our request to know when all the non-Sampann pensioners will be brought under Sampann Pensioners, the authorities said that it is difficult to say, as the procedure is still not initiated and issue is in steering committee.