7 Oct


The following Agenda has been sent to the CCA, J&K Circle, Jammu for Digital Pension Adalat to be held on 13.10.2020. 

  1. Refixation of seniority as per para-206 and payment of consequential benefits thereof: Of latest one more letter has been addressed by the CCA ,J&K Circle, Jammu Office to the BSNL corporate office ,New Delhi vide no. 9-24/CCA-JK/2020-21/pen-Ada dated 28.07.2020 followed by reminder no. even dated 21.09.2020. It has been mentioned in the letter that the case is pending in the Pension Adalat since 23.08.2019. It is not so, even in the pension Adalats held earlier to that date, the case was discussed and it is in fact pending since the date very first pension Adalat in the CCA office was held and BSNL corporate office is being pursued by the CCA to settle the case. It is submitted that since in case of many pensioners, BSNL has settled the case earlier and as such this is the grievance of other pensioners and may be treated as such.
  1. Non grant of timebound promotion to actual seniors after their retirement from BSNL while granting the same to the juniors after their retirement: It is submitted that the case does not pertain to the service matter as the timebound promotion has been granted to the juniors after their retirement i.e., as pensioners and seniors (also as pensioners) have been ignored; so it is a pensioners grievance and may be treated as such.     Latest CCA office Jammu has written once again vide letter no. 9-24/CCA-JK/2020-21/pen. Ada dated 21.09.2020 to BSNL Corporate office to look in to the matter. In the letter it is mentioned that the case is pending since 23.08.2019 in pension Adalat is incorrect as it is pending in pension Adalat since the very first pension Adalat was held. and not from 23.08.2019 and may be mentioned in future correspondence accordingly. DOT, ND vide letter no. 34-01/2020-pen(T) dated 31.08.2020 has conveyed to the CCA office at Jammu that DOT has no jurisdiction in the case, hence the pensioner may take up the case with appropriate authority but there is no provision that the Pensioners Association can deal with BSNL in such issues. The CCA Office forwards the case to BSNL HQ, when it is established that action have to be taken by the BSNL.
  2. Delegation of powers to Chairman, Pension Adalat (CCA Jammu) to settle the cases on the spot or alternatively arbitrate the cases between the concerned parties(aggrieved individuals and BSNL or DOT whichever may be the case).
  3. Refixation of Pension after grant of one increment on the basis of working for the last full year before superannuation without getting an increment as increment fell due on next date after retirement. Case of Sh. S. . Kallo, Retd . DE and sh. H.S Lahri, retd. DE.: It is submitted that a number of CAT cases have already been settled on this issue and in this regard latest judgment copy of Hyderabad CAT is also enclosed. It is learnt that Supreme Court has also given decision in favour. So it is gross injustice not to sanction this totally genuine demand of those who did not approach court/CAT and while granting the same to those having court/CAT decisions in their favour. Such an attitude is likely to increase the court cases and hardships to the senior citizens whose life the Central Government is eager to make easy. However, since the case has been forwarded to jt. Joint CGCA O/O CGCA New Delhi vide CCA Jammu Office letter no. 9-826/TAC dated 31.07.2020, so the case may be carried over to next pension Adalat. The copy of the above letter to Jt. CGCA may kindly e got issued to our Association (BDPA(I).
  4. Non settlement of indoor & outdoor medical bills by J&K Circle in favour of retirees since long: The position remains unchanged .Hence a reminder letter may kindly be issued to CGM BSNL , J&K Circle to settle the issue as early as possible.
  5. Pension Fixation and release of commutation amount in favour of Widow of Late Sh. Manohar lal TOA. ; It is submitted that pay arrears from 2005 to 31.04.2016 have not been paid by the Principal GM, BSNL, Jammu although conversion of pension from CDA to ADA has been done by your office. Morever court decision in his favour was given in 2017 and after the decision was announced, he has submitted all the papers to GM, BSNL office Jammu including Form 1 and requested to pay him all the consequential arrears as he had been exonerated by the court. But GM, BSNL office, Jammu did not settled the issue and as such he is entitled for revised commutation and other pensionery benefit.

     Also at present excess amount is being paid to his widow as pension. So his pension needs to be recalculated and correct amount paid to her, so that later there is no recovery to her. So case may not be treated as closed.

  1. Case of Sh. Girdhari Lal Retd TM. As mentioned in the last minutes, the case needs further pursual as PGM Jammu office has not settled his case.Reminder needs to be issued to that office.
  1. De-linking of qualifying service of 33 years and adding of pre-appointment training period – Case of Sh. Nand Kishore Gupta Retd TTA.: Since the case has been forwarded to jt. CGCA, New Delhi vide CCA, Jammu office letter no. 9-978/TAC dated 27.07.2020 for further instructions. We have to wait for its reply from that office .So the point my not be treated as closed and a copy of above letter sent from your office may be sent to our BDPA(I) association, Jammu..
  2. Non receipt of DA arrears and medical payment from May 2016 onwards. Case of Sh. Manjeet Raj , Ex. JTO retd on 31.03.2016 : Reminder letter may be sent to PNB Bank Branch by your office and case treated as carried over to next Pension Adalat.
  3. Pay Anomoly case- of Sh. Waryam Singh Ex. TM retd on 30.09.2008: GMTD Jammu has been addressed by your office vide letter no. 1405/TAC dated 28.07.2020.Reminder needs to be issued and case carried over to next Pension Adalat.
  4. Non receipt of Pension on the last day of the month, adoption of simple process of submitting the life certificate, and non receipt of message on mobile phones in respect of pensioners drawing pension from Post office: CCA office, Jammu has addressed letter no. 9-24/CCA/JK/2020-21/pen Ada dated 31.07.2020.Reminder may be sent to that office and point carried over to next pension Adalat.


(S.N.Kallo)                                                                                                             (R.N.Mattoo)

President BDPA (I),                                                                                   Secretary BDPA(I),Jammu