Pensioners Day Celebration by BDPA (INDIA)

18 Dec

On 17.12.2015, BDPA (INDIA) celebrated its 37th Get-together-cum-Pensioners Day-cum Shraddhanjali to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall, Ahmedabad.

Shri A.K. Patel was proposed as President of the function by Shri A.A. Patel and it was endorsed unanimously by the house.

The meeting commenced with prayer by Shri M.M. Sadhu, Retd. TM CTO Ahmedabad, followed with two minutes silence in memories of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and other who expired during this period.

Shri A.A. Patel paid tribute to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat by giving short brief on historic role paid by late Shri J.B. Kumpavat in 2nd All India Conference and publication of ‘BSNL PENSIONERS TELEPHONE DIRECTORY CUM HAND BOOK 2015” 4th Edition.  But for his effective functioning and unfathomable role played by him, the conference could have not met with glittering success. He also spoke on pre-historic period of the BDPA and explained how the dreams become reality.

Shri D.D. Mistry said that in the demise of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat, the Association has lost of its strongest pillar and it will be difficult to repair it in short time as the void created by his demise cannot be filled in by any one. The multifarious roles played by late Shri J.B. Kumpavat in strengthening the BDPA to BDPA (INDIA) and earning name and fame from all the pensioners will always occupy glittering pages of golden history of BDPA (INDIA). He also explained in brief last few days  of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and the BDPA (INDIA) and said that till last moment he was cautious taking care of our activities and honoring commitment of the Association.   He said that he received more than 350 condolences throughout the country which reflects love and affection earned by late Shri J.B. Kumpavat. All the Pensioners Associations of the City had paid tribute to him and conveyed their condolences to BDPA (INDIA) and family members of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat. It was his dream to unite all the BSNL Pensioners to bring them on one platform and struggle with one name to achieve goal and protect the interest of the pensioners’ fraternity. That being reason, all the Pensioners Associations of Ahmedabad City have been extended invitation to attend the condolence meeting.

Shri B.M. Bhavsar and D.M. Patel President, AIBSNLREA Gujarat Circle were present and the meeting and Shri B.M. Bhavsar paid tributes to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and said he joins the BDPA (INDIA) in grief and difficult time of the Association and assured his all possible assistance to carry out the Association work. He said that late Shri J.B. Kumpavat was instrumental in providing catering services to AIBSNREA in their meeting at very cost effective manner.

Shri D.M. Patel, Vice President conveyed his message through email on 17.12.2015 reading:

“Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for inviting all the Pensioners Association stationed at Ahmedabad on the eve of celebrating Pensioners day, simultaneously celebrating New Year 37th Get-to-gatherer and to pay tributes to the services of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat, Executive President, who expired on 14.11.2015 at Ahmedabad.

Our “AIBSNLREA Gujarat” is affiliated with Bharat Pensioners Samaj from this year. This day is a very important day for our pensioners’ community. After retirement one should think for his / her new birth as a pensioner forgetting his ex-life while working as a Govt. employee. As a D M Patel and as a Vice President of AIBSNLREA Gujarat Circle, I, appreciate your Services rendered by you to the employees and pensioners even after retirement over looking personal constraints. The loss of active Executive President Shri J B Kumpavat is a great loss not only to BDPA but to the entire pensioners. The services he was rendering to Association, senior citizens and working staff by arranging tours etc. in addition to active service to the Department/ Association were very much appreciable. I pay my heartiest homage to Shri J B Kumpavat and pray all mighty to rest his soul in peace.

Yesterday, a joint letter by some working Association is given to Shri Rakesh Garg, Chairman (TC) and Secretary DOT, Govt. of India, New Delhi (copy attached) for inclusion of revision of pension in term of reference of 3rd PRC. Now taking the benefit of this invitation to the Pensioners Association, I request you to kindly take lead to form a joint forum of Pensioners Association at India level like working Association \/ unions. As you are playing a very important role in Bharat Pensioner Samaj as Secretary (BSNL \/ PSU) and also as G S of BDPA (India), we have many expectations from you. I pray almighty to give you all success.”

While paying glorious tribute to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat, Shri Bhargav V. Vyas Joint Secretary, P & T  and Other C.G. P. Association said that his cooperation during their annual meeting on 22nd September, 2015 is green in their memory.   His Association  had conveyed condolence message to family of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and attend the Bensa Ceremony as well.

Shri Bhatt D. S.  President, P & T  and Other C.G. P. Association, said that as he knew late Shri J.B. Kumpavat was always working for the welfare of the employees and pensioners. In the P & T colony he was taking care of all the requirements of the residents.  His services will always be remembered by one and all all.

Shri A.K. Patel, President also join praying tributes to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and said that his face will always be in oue hearts as one of the champion to fight for the welfare of the BSNL Pensioners and his creative activities and contribution to AIC, RTI Seminar and arranging get to gather and Health related Medical Seminars.

Shri Mayur G. Dhebar, Jt.. Secretary BDPA (INDIA) who comes down all the way from Rajkot in shivering cold said that we cannot find any substitute in place of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and we have lost our beloved colleague and energetic personality.  His way of working mingling with all the workers and to pave the way for pensioners welfare were unique and will ever cherish our golden memories for the years to come. He said that when late Shri J.B. Kumpavat addressed the get to gather at Rajkot on 4th October, 2015, none can say that he will part his company with us commencing his own journey to get eternal peace from heavenly abode.  In his demise, we have lost a person for whom words are never suffice to prescribe his good deeds.

Shri M.M. Sadhu,  paid tribute to late Shri J.B. Kumpavat by singing a song which reflected his love and emotion for late Shri J.B. Kumpavat. The Song said, those who were to go have gone and now we have no means to bring them but for following the footprints of the way shown by him.

Shri H.J. Bhat, paid tribute by on the spot composing a song in the memories of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat saying his still feels late Shri J.B. Kumpavat sitting side by him editing the September, 2015 magazine till late night hours untiringly to ensure that it reaches to reader before Diwali Festival. His capacities to organize the tours and serve the pensioners fraternity in a most reasonable were incomparable.  He said that by the late Shri J.B. Kumpavat, Shri D.D. Mistry has not only lost one of his best friend but a man who was strength to him, protecting from behind with all the force at his command. We cannot prove ourselves to be like late Shri J.B. Kumpavat to assist Mr. Mistry, but can take up the issues which we can handle providing relief from all the angles so that we can continue our activities unabatedly.

Shri M.C. Waghela garlanded the Photo of late Shri J.B. Kumpavat and paid his silent tribute.

The Meeting was adjourned for 30 minutes at 16.15 hours and resumed at 16.45 hours.

Second part to follow.