Providing information regarding Aadhaar, PAN and Mobile Numbers of CDA/IDA Pensioner/Family Pensioners of DOT – Reg.

15 Jan

Providing information regarding Aadhaar, PAN and Mobile Numbers of CDA/IDA Pensioner/Family Pensioners of DOT – Reg.

We are in receipt of letter No: CCA/Guj-Circle/PDA CORR/2017-18/11 dated 04.01.2018 from the Office of the Controller of Communication Accounts, 7th Floor, P & T Administrative Building, Gujarat Telecom Region, Khanpur, Ahmedabad-380001 on the captioned subject.

“As per direction of DOT HQ, New Delhi to integrate the functions of Pension Processing Monitoring and Direct Payment, the CCA Offices will shortly be authorized with the work of Pension Disbursement to disburse pension directly to the account of each Pensioner. For this purpose this office requires information from the Telecom Pensioners like Aadhaar, PAN and Mobile NO. to update the system immediately. A specimen is enclosed herewith please.

Therefore, you are requested to bring this to the kind notice of Pensioners through “WhatsApp” available Mobile No. etc. and request them to submit the required information as shown in the enclosure to this office immediately as as to enable this office for timely action toward disbursement of pension.

Sd/ Sr.Accounts Officer (PVA)

O/o CCA, Ahmedabad-380001.


G.S. BDPA Writes…..

 The letter with similar letter is addressed to the CGM Gujarat and also SSA Heads to inform the Pensioners under their jurisdiction. The SSA Heads have placed the copy on their notice board and some of our activists have started circulating the letter and Proforma to their friends through WhatsApps and Mobile.          

D.D. Mistry, GS and R.C. Sharma, Treasurer met Dr. Kamal Kappor, CCA on 12.01.2018 and the discussed the issue threadbare. Shri P.R. Jazoo, Jt. CCA was also present in the meeting.                       

It was revealed that the Final Authority from the DOT is yet to come and for the present the CCA is to prepare his data bank.

On being asked regarding need of the Bank Account No, IFSC Code etc.  CCA opined that there is no need of such information and his office will be able to effect payment through Aadhaar Card details. When the One Aadhaar Card is linked with multi-accounts of the Pensioner, how it will be dealt with was not replied to our satisfaction.

We could also not get satisfactory reply how the Pensioners of the various SSAs will be able to know the same and how and where they will respond was hundred dollar question.

We have reasonable inkling that the issue is not given serious consideration by the CCA Office and casual approach is adopted making the pensioners to run from pillar to post for no fault of their own in their old age. We feel that the issue should have been discussed with the CGM Gujarat and the CGM Gujarat in his heads of SSAs meeting or thorough his web circulated detailed instructions to collect such information and forward the same or SHOULD HAVE PART WITH THE INFORMATION FROM HIS DATA BANK, as is duly equipped with the required data.

Even the CCA Office is also having data of the members who are retired in recent years as have started to allot 15 digits Pensioners Code and effecting payment of GPF/Gratuity from his office. The duplication should have been avoided.

When the CCA Office have not completed the work of issuing Pensioners Revised PPO on merger of 78.2% IDA even after lapse of two years, how he will collect the date within short span of time???

 We request to send the information directly to the CCA Gujarat with required information to extend all possible cooperation till such time further detailed instructions are issued by the authorities. We are representing the matter to higher concerned and competent authorities to ease the problem.

The similar procedure of effecting the payment directly to the Pensioners is in vogue in Tamilnadu Circle and their cooperation could have eased the issue.


               Click for Proforma : Proforma For CCA