R. Pattabiraman – Appeal to AIBSNLPWA Leadership – With no comments from us.

20 Apr

R. Pattabiraman – Appeal to AIBSNLPWA Leadership – With no comments from us..

Appeal to AIBSNLPWA Leadership

The organisation that you are all striving to build and built is in support of thousands of BSNL absorbed pensioners. It is also the strongest association amongst the existing associations.

Expectations are naturally high from the leadership, to settle the issues and specially the major issue like pension revision. When the leaders of prime positions address meetings , the pensioners are listening them with rapt attention and with all faith.

But we find no democratic organisation without dissenters . Com O P Gupta tried his best to practice his often quoted slogan that Majority should not be intoxicated and minority has no veto.

Most of the organisations are acting on the basis of majority decision and so ‘no say of any dissent voice’. But dissenters without any ill intention always try to echo their voice and write what they feel right, with the fond hope to make the leadership to realise and correct their path . Dissenters may succeed , may not succeed.

Indian experience of democracy and its exercises are giving ample proof that there cannot be any permanent majority in the name of any party or group. Majority has its own political locus and it traverses as per that time’s necessity and context. If the views of opposition parties are suppressed, then we all feel that the ruling dispensation is going more and more authoritative, and so we raise our concern against such authoritative trend.

Our organisations are having more less the practice of parliamentary democracy . The decisions arrived out, after discussion on the basis of majority would normally be implemented by the leaders at the helms of affairs. No dissenter can stop that. It does not mean no dissent is permitted. The space for dissenters are not big ,even a small one only. But dissenters are dissenters.

Leaders need not feel embarrassed, as some dissenters are airing out their voices. If leaders are strongly committed to the decisions taken on the basis of majority, they are doubly take steps only to implement the same.

The democratic rating of any organisation is greatly proportional to the endurance of the leadership in not stalling the dissenting voices .

Some cadres who are proactive may feel negative about the dissenters, but the duty of the leadership who got the strong support of those cadres, should show restraint and pacify the cadres who are vocal to annihilate dissenters through organisational actions.

I hope that the strong leadership that have a majority support , would not allow their cadres intoxicated and definitely the dissenters cannot have that veto to stop the efforts of the leadership who may be committed to implement as per their wisdom.

The dignity of any one, may be leaders at top positions or state level , district level, branch level or even an ordinary member should not be damaged , just because he or she has some views whether agreeable with majority or standing as dissenters.

In this PWA also, some of the present leaders were once dissenters when they were working in their mother TU organisations. Suspicion is always a great disease . Hoping good sense prevail in handling dissenting voices with all fraternity.

19-4-2024 13 hrs R. Pattabiraman