Re: Empanelment of private Hospitals for CGHS beneficiaries

31 Oct

Re: Empanelment of private Hospitals for CGHS beneficiaries..

*The AGM of the Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt Pensioners Associations-Karnataka (CCCGPA-K) was held at Bengaluru on August 13, 2022*
The members brought to the attention of Additional Director Dr Revathi and Dr. Ravindra of HQ CGHS, that the main reason for some of the hospitals to get de-empanelled from the CGHS was low CGHS packages. As such, they requested them to impress upon the Government to revise the CGHS rates, which was fixed in the year 2014, at the earliest, so that the de-empanelled hospitals are motivated to continue with the CGHS. Dr. Ravindra informed that many of the Pensioners Associations including CCCGPA, have already written letters to the Government appealing to them for revision of CGHS rates and it is for the Government has to take action on their request. The CGHS, Bangalore, has no say on this issue. 
On the request of members to get the new hospitals in Bangalore empanelled under CGHS, Dr. Ravindra madeit clear that the CGHS would not solicit any hospital but that the members may request the hospitals of their choices to approach the CGHS for empanelment. He said such hospitals should be NABH-certified so that he could further process their request for empanelment.