Revision of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision as on 02.03.2023

3 Mar

Revision of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision as on 02.03.2023.

Mr. Jogi, GS, SNPWA informs on 02.03.2023 ”

Today, GS/ SNPWA, Com R.K. Mudgal and Com D.C.Sharma met Director ( E)/ DOT who informed us that Member ( Finance) has categorically assured Establishment Section that the file containing Financial Implications on different fitments will be definitely sent to Establishment Section next week

Thereafter, Director ( E) informed that Establishment Section will immediately commence finalization of the Cabinet note, containing all the details including the quantum of fixation and the holistic Cabinet note with the approval of Member ( Services) will be sent to Internal/ Finance/ DOT for its consideration. Depending upon the decision of IFD, the Cabinet note will have to be approved by Member ( Finance) and Secy( T) and will be sent to to D.O.E for its consideration.