SNEA reports in its CHQ website

9 Nov

SNEA reports in its CHQ website that Director (HR), on 6.11.2017, hinted 3rd PRC is becoming a difficult issue. The issue of pension contribution on actual basic pay is still in DoT and some officers are not favour of that. DoT Finance is not agreeing for refund of about Rs 2000 Crores paid in excess so far from 2007 onwards but DoT Finance has taken a neutral stand for the future contribution which is helpful for BSNL. BSNL has shown this refund amount of Rs 2000 Cr as source of income for meeting the additional expenditure for 3rd PRC, which may not be refunded now.

Last week DoT convened a meeting to discuss the revival of BSNL. As per the DPE guidelines BSNL is an incipient sick CPSU. During discussion DoT suggested VRS/reduction of retirement age for the revival as proposed in the case of MTNL.

(sneaweb 81117)