17 Feb


Status on Pension Revision

Meeting with Member ( Finance)/ DOT, Respected Sh Manish Sinha Ji

On 16.02.2023;  GS/ SNPWA and Com R.K. Mudgal, GS/ MERWA met M( F) and had a very extensive discussion with him on the issue, lasting about an hour.

At the very outset Member ( Finance) cautioned us to be very patient and not to create unnecessary pressure here and there for expediting the issue since this is a very complex issue and has to be very deftly dealt with D.O.E by D.O.T

Yesterday, when Member ( Finance) was going through the proposal finalized by Accounts Wing, he yet again noticed discrepancies in the proposal and wanted the proposal to be reshaped and recast since the proposal will be meticulously analyzed by D.O.E in all respects as and when it goes there.

Member( Finance) minced no words in mentioning that the the proposal will have to be finalized in close consultation, taking D.O.E fully into confidence, on each and every aspect of the proposal to ensure it sails very smoothly in D.O.E. That is the reason finalization of proposal is taking time.

It is my sincere endeavor to ensure that complete unanimity prevails between DOT and D.O.E as far as quantum of fixation and other related aspects are concerned, M( F) reiterated. That is precisely the reason that he is meticulously and very closely and personally perusing and monitoring every aspect of the proposal being finalized by the Accounts Wing of DOT

For that reason he pleaded with us to be very patient since that would be in larger interest of all of us

Further, he elaborated the alarming debt of about Rs 23 000 crores that MTNL has towards exchequer and other constraints that DOT would have to deal with while negotiating the proposal with D.O.E

On the quantum of fixation, Member ( Finance), with a very broad smile, mentioned that we are all trying to finalize maximum possible fitment, but that would largely depend upon financial implications and the decision of the Hon MOC. The discussion was threadbare and very frank.

Finally, Member ( Finance) mentioned that it would take another week or so for his Section to incorporate the changes he has suggested and the proposal will be sent to Establishment Section.

Meeting with Member ( S)/ DOT ; M( S) also reiterated that Member ( Finance), while going through the proposal observed some anomalies and wanted the proposal to be redrafted to ensure it sails smoothly in D.O.E.

On his part, M( S) assured that he will try his best for maximum possible fitment as and when the proposal is finalized and comes up for discussion with Hon MOC.

On the issue of 5% IDA neutralization in MTNL, M( S) assured that he will try to find out where it is stuck up in D.O.E.A and accordingly get it Sorted out.

Subsequently, Director ( E) also informed that it will take at least another week’s time for. Accounts Section to send the proposal to Establishment Section