Status on Pension Revision

23 Nov

Today GS/ SNPWA and Com R. K. Mudgal, GS/ MERWA met Director( E) and M( S) DOT to know latest status on Pension Revision

Meeting with Director ( E) / DOT. Following issues were clarified

1. That Pension Revision stands completely delinked from Wage Revision of BSNL/ MTNL on the basis of 3rd prc and that no further action/ clarification from DOP& PW is needed in this regard

2. That the file regarding the issue is with the internal finance/ DOT to work out the financial implications for giving appropriate fitment

3. That CMD/ BSNL has agreed to get the pay scales of non executives of BSNL/ MTNL notified shortly

4. That the quantum of fitment according to 3rd P.R.C. will be eventually decided at the highest level

Meeting with M( S) / DOT

Had a very extensive discussion with M( S)/ DOT, Respected Dr Mahesh Shukla, lasting about an hour on the quantum of fitment.

While M( S) categorically assured that he is ready on his part to plead for the best possible fitment and that he is already making serious efforts in this direction but the final call has to be taken by Hon MOC.

M( S) also reiterated that quantum of fitment largely depends upon the collective bargaining and negotiations of all Associations/ Unions and this, he reiterated, will surely yield quite positive and satisfactory results