13 Sep

Victory Celebration – Medical Seminar – 39th Get to Gather

6th September, 2016.

The BDPA (INDIA), Gujarat Circle, Branch celebrated its Victory on 78.2% I.D.A. Merger issue, followed with a Medical Seminar in collaboration with Experts Doctors of Shelby Hospitals, Ahmedabad on 06.09.2016 at Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall (air-conditioned), Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. Mrs. Sarojben Kadia, Family Pensioners from Mehsana District offered Sad Bhavna Prayer.

Shri A.A. Patel, Jt. C.S. also anchored the event and said that we have to organize ourselves more strongly and make our Association financially strong to meet with future challenges ahead not only to save our Pension but to also get it revised w.e.f. 01.01.2017, when the BSNL Employees gets their Pay Revision from that date. He conducted Oath Taking Ceremony by asking the Audience “On Svachh Bharat Mission” by our Hon’ble Prime Minister. The members readily followed the instruction and took oath in one voice. Shri Patel explained its benefits to the Nation and Society in keeping good health and good airy atmosphere for longevity of life.

Shri A.N. Patel, President, spoke how the BDPA (INDIA) had carried uninterrupted and untiring crusade to achieve the goal of 78.2% I.D.A Merger. He said that now when issue is settled there is a long queue to claim credit for achievement. He asked the pensioners to ignore such propaganda and said that all the Associations are meant for the welfare of Pensioners fraternity and all have contributed depending upon their capability. BDPA (INDIA) instead of wasting time and energy to envy and blame other Association carries out its duty to serve the Pensioners fraternity ignoring all such propaganda. He said that the while celebrating victory of our Association, we should not forget the untiring efforts of Shri D.D. Mistry, GS and he proposed to honour him by Shawl which was received by the audience with clapping by one and all.

Shri D.D. Mistry, GS thanked the members for strengthening the hands of Association by following the requests for sending Memorandums and email to the authorities and showing the strength to the authorities. He said that now the members have realized that issue was not as simple as was seen earlier. The complicated and cumbersome issue has now been resolved permanently and in future the hurdle of 60:40 will never block our way. He assured the members that in future the Pension Revision will be done and there is no place for any worry. The MOC has assured while replying to P.Q. that in future when the Wage Revision for BSNL Employees will take, the same will be processed for BSNL Pensioners through Cabinet Note and with the approval of Cabinet. Meanwhile we have work to ensure that the DoT itself is authorized to revise the Pension of BSNL Retirees automatically as is being done for other Central Government Pensioners. He said that process to develop software to monitor the progress of pending Medical Reimbursement Bills by the pensioners themselves is on way. He further said that we have to continue our struggle to achieve goal of cashless treatment in BSNL Empanelled Hospitals. He stressed on urgent and extreme need for our own Association Office to continue the work without any break. He drawn the situations arouse consequent upon the CAT Judgment in Extra Increment Case in Contempt Petition. In future we have to take cautious approach while reverting to judiciary for justice to avoid such situation. He said that though the Government has agreed to finalize the issue of removal of anomaly for October-2000 to June 2001 in pay fixation in SCOVA within one month, but till date there is no sign of its early settlement.

Since we have to continue our struggle for multifarious issues we have to improve infrastructure of our Association Office with latest devices, we need finance. He requested all the DoT/BSNL Pensioners to contribute minimum 2100/- rupees to the Association, when they get their arrear.

The Victory Celebration was followed with Medical Seminar which was sponsored by the Experts Doctors of Shelby Hospital, Ahmedabad. Dr. Shalin Thakore, Cardiologist spoke on Heart ailments, precautions and treatment. Dr. Majoj Gumber Nephrologists spoke on Kidney Transplant and Diabetic deceases and the nature of treatment to be taken. Dr. Shrirang Deodhar spoke on importance of Organ Donation and stressed upon its need and importance. He also spoke on Knee Replacement Process and its results. During Medical Seminar various slides show were also exhibited which were informative and increasing the knowledge of the members.

More than 360 Members participated in the Celebration. Members from Ahmedabad, Mehsana, Nadiad, Surat and Rajkot District also participated in the event. Appreciating the efforts of the Association, twenty-one members come forward and paid their Pension Revision Donation of Rs.2100/- each without waiting for arrear payment. Thirteen new members joined the Association in the Meeting. The Meeting concluded with Snack Packets with cold drink.

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