“Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is always an orphan”.

7 Dec

Victory has a hundred fathers..

There is a saying in English that,

“Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is always an orphan”.

 This saying has once again proved to be correct. The AUAB has made one more break through on the Pension Revision issue of BSNL retirees. So far, the DoT had been maintaining that BSNL retirees can get pension revision only when the serving employees get Pay Revision. This has been intimated in writing by the DoT, to the CMD BSNL. BSNLEU has strongly taken a stand that Pension Revision should not be linked with the Pay Revision of serving employees. Similarly, many other organisations have also taken up this issue. But everyone knows that this issue has been finally settled only by the powerful jolt given by the AUAB. In the backdrop of the immense pressure generated on the government, due to the massive preparations to go on indefinite strike by the entire Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL, the Secretary, Telecom, invited the AUAB for talks on 02.12.2018. It was in this meeting that, for the first time, it was informed by the Secretary, Telecom, that the DoT has decided to delink the Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of the employees. This is the fact. However, it is ludicrous that some people are now claiming that this is their achievement, without recognising the massive efforts taken by the entire Executives and Non-Executives throughout the country, under the leadership of the AUAB.

[Date : 06 – Dec – 2018] (bsnleu web)