41st Get to Gather Held on 24.02.2017

25 Feb

41st Get to Gather was held on 24.02.2017 at 15.00 hours in Ahmedabad Medical Association Hall (Air-Conditioned), Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

Smt.Sarojben Kadia sung a prayer on Shivratri Festival. 

Two Minutes silence observed in Memory of departed in last three months.

Shri H.J. Bhatt, Retired SDE, ATD Ahmedabad was honoured for offering Blood Donation  for 41st time, which was co-nciding with 41st Get to Gather.

Smt. Pannaben Chandrakantbhai Thakkar was honoured for her gracious donation to hold this get to gather.

S/Shri A.N.Patel, A.A. Patel, H.J. Bhatt and B.M. Bhavsar spoke the occasion.

Shri D.D. Mistry spoke on prime demands of the Pensioners and on salient features of 3rd Pay Revision Committee and contribution the Pensioners Association have to pay for the achievement of Pension Revision from 01.01.2017.


More than 300 Pensioners wee present despite Mahashivratri Festival.

The programme concluded with Dinner in the evening.

Detailed report follows.