Facebook post of , Sri Madhivanan CK, Circle Secretary NFTE BSNL

5 Dec

Facebook post of , Sri Madhivanan CK,

Circle Secretary NFTE BSNL

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Anyway whose Advocate AUAB acting for ?    “Some more time to be given to DOT and BSNL to sort out the issues on implementation of 3rd Pay revision “—This is the conclusion our great leaders of AUAB came to after meeting the Minister of State for Communications on 03-12-18. Then why the same experienced leaders served notice on both DOT and BSNL 15-11-18 for indefinite strike from 03-12-18 demanding Third Pay revision?

It is shameful that the leadership of AUAB has surrendered to the government even without organising strike for which both executives and employees were ready due to the unreasonable attitude of DOT. Our leaders became the lawyers of the government at the cost of their own membership. This is nothing but a betrayal of Workers Confidence.

        First AUAB deferred the strike for one week. Thereafter it postponed the indefinite strike until further intimation. We didn’t heard any such thing in our forty five years of trade union experience. They should have the guts to declare openly that they are unprepared to face the Modi government . It is ridiculous that some of these unions have already given a call to observe nationwide two days strike by several Central Trade Unions in the month of January 2019 . While these unions could not organise a strike for their own employees how and why they join Central Trade Union Strikes? This is nothing but a cruel joke on their own membership.

      How much is the time further needed for DOT and BSNL to sort out the issue of third Pay revision ?Actually already 24 months have passed. But the same management/ DOT implemented the recommendations of Seventh CPC to all the ITS officers in BSNL in 2016 itself of course spending the huge funds of BSNL when the company is said to be not running on profit ever since 2009. No Affordability clause was imposed for the Pay revision of ITS officers in BSNL. The AUAB kept mum to all these discriminations and now argues for more time to sort out the issue of 3 rd Pay revision.

     The worst part of the betrayal is that the AUAB leadership accepted indirectly the “ no discussion on allowances; only discussion on Wage revision “ stand of the BSNL management. We all very well know BSNLEU betrayed employees in Second Wage revision by accepting the no revision of allowances in 2009 when the said pay revision was implemented with effect from 01-01-2007. Now also the same drama is being enacted by BSNLEU as a Main recognised union in BSNL. We know how the sincere efforts of NFTE-BSNL was made to fail on grant of PLI by the negative attitude of Comrade Abhimanyu, the General Secretary Of BSNLEU. Practically we are the victims of BSNL’s refusal to revise our allowances which were fixed in 2002 some 16 years ago. What more time they further need? At the moment the stand of the BSNL is very clear that all allowances will be frozen with effect from 31-12-2016. If all these atrocities and discriminations are not enough to organise the strike in BSNL what is the use of it? What is the proud of boasting of unifying all employees and executives in BSNL under AUAB umbrella . A drama conducted by BSNLEU for the Mysore AIC has ended today with the active participation and support of all unions and associations. Similar drama was enacted during the Chennai AIC of BSNLEU when CMD and Com. Abhimanyu jointly declared from the conference stage that Wage revision committee was formed in BSNL when such thing was not at all happened. Only after a year and half the Wage revision committee was actually constituted and its first ever meeting was held in July 2018. However there is no reason to blame only BSNLEU as all other unions and associations are actively participating and supporting the whole drama. Disgusting as well as worrying about the future of BSNL and its workforce.


Note from K. Vallinayagam Ex-GS FNTO

I agree with the above observation , neither they enclosed all BSNL unions because of their ego ,they have become tools in the hands of executive associations who are not ready for any type of agitation.