FNTO’s stand on strike vindicated.

5 Dec

FNTO’s stand on strike vindicated. STRIKE CALLED OFF UNCONDITIONALLY. The BSNLEU and others called for indefinite strike from 3rd December-2018. They misguided the workers stating that because of the affordability clause BSNL Non executive will not get THEIR wage revision. This was a misleading propaganda. For the wage revision of non executives, a joint committee of BSNL administration and staff side was already formed with the approval of Govt. of India. They had a series of sittings and discussions on wage revision. If the affordability clause was applicable to the wage revision of non executives, the government should not have formed a wage revision committee at all. According to ID Act, the wage revision of non executives is settled through mutual discussion between the staff side and Management. Once an agreement is signed it is not questionable and the Management has to implement it. Though the CMD had committed in writing to give 15% fitment, the BSNLEU led staff side has placed the lowest quotation of 11% fitment and as demanded by the staff side the official side agreed to it. Instead of concluding and signing the agreement they gave strike notice with hidden agenda given as below;-

  1. They wanted to help their masters the Executives union, as their wage revision was held up due to the affordability clause.
  2. They wanted to delay wage revision till membership verification.

NUBSNLW (FNTO) was against mixing the wage revision of non executives & executives fearing affordability clause may made applicable of for both by the Govt. resulting losing wage revision forever. Now the letter given by DOT has clearly directed the CMD to complete and conclude the wage revision of NON EXECUTIVES, clarifying that removing the affordability clause for executives will be dealt separately. When this was the stand of DOT, why they instigate the workers for a strike? We are not against the wage revision of Executives. We can give solidarity support them once the wage revision of non –executives are settled. There is no justification of mixing the wage revision of both, as executive scales are common for all PSUs and can be settled only by DPE guidelines.

The strikers wanted to cheat the workers without disclosing the real agenda. But they are fully exposed. FNTO’s STAND VINDICATED. Thomas John K. PRESIDENT.