Joint Open Session – BDPA (INDIA) – 8th Gujarat Circle Conference – 4th Valsad District Held

10 Jan

Joint Open Session – BDPA (INDIA) – 8th Gujarat Circle Conference – 4th Valsad District Held

On 9th January, 2022 a Joint Open Session of BDPA (INDIA) Gujarat Circle and 4th Valsad District Conference was held in Navsari Shri Matia Samast Patel Seva Samaj at 1100 hours. Shri A.N. Patel presided as President of the function.

It was started with a prayer with musical instruments by Shri Dhimar and Party. The Session was inaugurated by Anil Patel, followed with other guests on Dias by lighting a lamp.

Two Minutes silence was observed for those who lost their lives during last two years period.

S/Shri Jigishbhai D. Shah, President, Chetan Patel Corporator and Chairman Water project, Vijalpore Navsari Nagarpalika were guest of the events. All were honoured with flowers and Memento by Gujarat Circle. Other on Dias were Smt. Divyaprabha C. Kshatriya, S/Shri Shivpujanram Prajapati DS, N.M. Patel DP, D.D. Mistry GS, Anil Patel Executive President.

Shivpujanram Prajapati delivered welcome speech and also the works undertaken by the District and contributing towards membership enrolment and thanking Mayor, Corporator and others.

Services of S/Shri Anil Patel, Dinesh Mistry, Ramesh Sharma and Harshad Bhatia were appreciated and as a gesture all were awarded with flowers and memento.

All the Circle Office Bearers and District Secretaries were also welcome by the host branch by offering them rose flowers.

Anil Patel gave brief history of the Association Formation, Multifarious activities, purchase of new office building and contribution of Vadodara District for Office Maintenance Fund by giving a cheque of Rs.1,11,111.00 to keep as FD and use its interest.

Appreciating this noble gesture, circle gave them a memento and flowers which was joined by all the delegates of districts and Mayor of Nagarpalika.

Shri Jigishbhai Shah in his speech appreciated activities of the Association and said that for him this the function of this type to address where senior citizen are united and made building of their own and also maintain their own website and help the pensioners in settlement of pensioners grievances. He also added that the Association is utilizing latest devices to educate the members.

 Dinesh Mistry, GS spoke on present irritating issues of BSNL Pensioners including the latest status of BSNL Pensioners Pension Revision, hurdles therein, efforts being taken b the Association and intricacies of the procedure to achieve the goal. It will be testing time for Pensioners Associations to keep their vigil eye over the developments. BDPA (INDIA) will leave no efforts unturn to achieve our target and asked for the cooperation to join various request made to them to follow for to strengthen our movement and put pressure on authorities. On Medical Reimbursement issue, he said that it is sad thing that only Pensioners are neglected and working epiphyses are given special treatment which is condemnable. He said now assurance is given by the management to allot fund for clearance of pending medical bills up to31st March 2019 and we will have to continue our struggle. On CGHS he said that Bharat Pensioner Samaj has represented that wellness centers should be opened in all District Head Quarters and BDPA (INDIA) will also follow the issue. He added that BSNL Corporate Office is to open on line Option demand for switching over to CGHS and will pay the subscription directly. Let us wait for details of the plan.

He said that BDPA (INDIA) is not believing in filing court cases as it delays the process of representations and when the results many of them are no more to avail the benefit. However, if extremely necessary, the Association will adopt the way.

He requested all the members to contribute towards Office Maintenance Fund so as to have effective function and also to enroll more members to strengthen our organization.

He thanked the organizers of District for holding the conference in grand gall manner providing all the facilities to delegates for their comfortable stay and food as well in very short notice.

Anil Patel declared a list of unanimously elected list of BDPA (INDIA) Gujarat Circle Office Bearers for the year 2022-23-24. S/Shri A.K. Patel, A.N. Patel, D.D. Mistry, M.S. Dave, A.A. Patel, R.C. Sharma were elected as President, Executive President, Circle Secretary, Joint Circle Secretary, Asstt. Circle Secretary, Treasurer and Office Secretary respectively. Complete List will follow.  Mrs. S.M. Dave, S.R. Patel and D.C. Kshatriya were also nominated as Invitee.

CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE LIST: List of office bearers elected for the year 2022-23-24 Gujarat Circle

N.M. Patel conveyed thank to all dignitaries and delegates their presence and making the even glorious success with the presence of more than 160 delegates even in pandemic time observing all the strictures and guidelines.

It was followed with dinners.