News from AIBSNLPWA Web – Extracts

6 Aug

On 03.08.2015: A meeting was held by the Association with Director (HR) BSNL Mrs. Sujatha Ray, where she is reported to have told that told that they are working out a comprehensive medi-claim scheme for in-patient treatment. Pensioners’ interest will be taken care of while finalizing the scheme. The problem with ERP will be sorted out and a question of .Quarters for Spouse will be examined.

04.08.2015:  A meeting was held by the Association with Secretary Telecom Shri Rakesh Darg IAS, Secretary Telecom. Smt. Annie Moraes, Member (Fin) was also present to discuss 78.2% IDA Merger issue.

As per their report the following Issues were discussed.

78.2 IDA: They conveyed serious concern over the undue delay in sending the Cabinet Note to Cabinet even though Secretary assured to send it within 15 days on 26-3-2015; pointing out the transaction of business rule which says that DOT can send the note to the cabinet even if the nodal ministries do not send their comments within 15 days. In the instant case, 45 days are already over. In response, Secretary Telecom appreciated the above point, but he said that if DOT sends the note without comments from DOE particularly, the cabinet may return the file causing further delay. However, DOT shall take all efforts to obtain the comments from DOE without further delay and send the final cabinet note soon.

It was suggested that once the cabinet approves, the order along with Ready Reckoner should be circulated and the order should contain specific time frame for implementation. In this connection, we pointed out when the DOT issued the order on 15-3-2011, it was endorsed by BSNL CO only on 4-4-2011. Both the Chairman and the Member (Fin) assured that this aspect shall be taken care of.


A detailed discussion took place on this issue. It was explained that the PRC cannot suggest any Pension revision and first pension fixation is only linked with pay structure. Subsequent pension revision takes place based on existing pension/family pension plus DR at that point of time and a recommended fitment benefit and not linked with pay. PRC is only for the Executives. For non-executives, it is based on bargaining capacity and affordability of the organization.

A demand was also raised with the Secretary DOT to conduct Pension Adalat at National level at least once in 6 months because, there are certain policy issues involving both DOT and BSNL. Secretary agreed to the proposal.