24 Oct


Llaughter Club had Birthday celebration of October 8 members all together at Racecourse Laughing club on 23.10.2018 morning.


(AIBSNLRTED WEB 23.10.2018):

Com Prahlad Rai and his office bearers of AIBSNLEA met CMD and Dir HR BSNL on Implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL, Pension Revision, Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic:

Meeting with CMD:

They apprised CMD regarding meeting with Hon’ble MOSC(I/C)  and meetings in DOT. They requested CMD BSNL to use his good office in DoT/MOSC office for getting implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL and settlement of other issues. CMD, BSNL mentioned that he will discuss the matter with Hon’ble MOSC(I/C) and will try to arrange a meeting on 29.10.2018

Meeting with Dir HR:

They requested DIR(HR) to use her good office in DOT for the settlement of 3rd PRC in BSNL, Pension Revision, Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic and Allotment of  4G Spectrum etc. *Dir (HR) informed that in last week i.e.on 17.10.2018 she attended a meeting with Hon’ble MOSC(IC) in the presence of Secretary (Telecom ), Member (Finance), SST and other Senior Officers of DOT  with reference to revival of BSNL wherein she pleaded that BSNL should be allowed to take Loan from Banks with the Letter of Comfort to meet the OPEX.During discussion DOT Officers informed that the 3rd PRC proposal approved by the BSNL Board will be returning back to BSNL for their own consideration. But without the settlement of excess payment towards the Pension contribution and allowing BSNL to take Loans from Banks how this issue can be settled by the BSNL.

Thus she advised to further take up the matter with the Hon’ble MOSC(IC) only to settle these issues at DOT level itself because these are under the purview of DOT only.

22.10.2018:  Meeting with PGM (Admn.) BSNL CO: 

Com Prahlad Rai and GS, FS of AIRBSNLEWA met PGM (Admn.) BSNL C.O. ND and discussed to issue correct eligibility criterion order of BSNL Pensioners for medical claim by considering April -2018 IDA instead of April -2016. After April -2016 the necessary order for eligibility of medical claim for BSNL Pensioners has not been issued by BSNL CO. As a result in ERP the limit for with voucher cases are calculated with April 2016 IDA only. PGM (Admn) after some discussions assured to look into the matter.

(b) Allotment of funds to settle the medical claims of BSNL serving employees and Pensioners:  We expressed our concern against the non- reimbursement   of medical claims of BSNL serving employees and BSNL Pensioners. PGM (Admn) mentioned that due to the financial constraints the funds have not been released. However, the matter is expected to be resolved in the next month as Dir Finance is making all out effort to avail loan from Bank on the basis of Letter of Comfort to be obtained from DOT


From the posting in the website of AIBSNLOA:

22-10-2018 Meeting with Director (PSU), DoT:

Today GS along with Shri S.P. Sharma GS BSNL WRU met Shri Pawan Gupta Director (PSU) DoT and enquired about the status of cabinet note for relaxation of affordability clause for implementation of 3rd PRC recommendation in BSNL. Director (PSU) DoT informed us that DoT Finance had earlier raised some points and DoT had written to BSNL for clarifying the points raised by DoT Finance. The clarification submitted by BSNL is being examined by DoT Finance. After clearance by DoT Finance, the cabinet note will be sent to all the concerned Ministries for their comments. Director (PSU), DoT assured us that all efforts are being taken for implementing 3rd pay revision in the coming months, but the main concern is the 22% fall in revenue in 2017-18 when compared to the revenue of 2016-17. In the present financial year also BSNL revenue has been coming down and this may be a stumbling block in getting cabinet approval.