25 Apr



nitially on 23.11.2004 a gathering of Retired Employees was arranged by Mr. D.D. Mistry, which found good response. And such gathering continued for five times in the year 2005 and two times in the year 2006.  During this period members exchanged their views and expressed their various difficulties and ultimately it was decided to give a final shape in the name of Association. About 111 members were enrolled spontaneously and the sphere is now expanded to all BSNL Retired Employees and DOT Retirees as well.


There are two other sisters organization propagating them as Retired Employees Counselor and serving them. However, since there are all the Central Government in the Organization and interest of Telecom Employees not heard properly, necessity of the Organization exclusively of Telecom Members was felt. Further, they had started to aim their future demands comparing the conditions of BSNL Employees, which means they foresee no future advancement of Pensioners benefits for BSNL Employees.


Further from October 2000 onwards majority of DOT employees had given option for BSNL and the offices of DOT at base level to All India Level, including District and Circle, came to a grinding halt. There is no machinery for them at base level for representation of their genuine grievances as only one OFFICE FUNCTIONS at New Delhi known as DOT, which works through BSNL.

For BSNL Employees who are retired are also facing various difficulties and the Associations, which exist, have no knowledge of BSNL working pattern. Medical Allowance is given quarterly but not at par with working hours and is delayed for minimum 15 days on average. The Pensioners who are aged and unable to walk or climb staircase find it difficult to get the same and now there is no remedy available to them. 

Thus in order to come out from above suffering, to guard their future pension and find solutions to their problem, this Association has taken place. It will continue to serve as chain between Administration, Existing Unions and Pensioners. It will carry out its social functions as well and give Philip to retired employees. It has started to send Birthday Greetings to all its members, Collect their addresses and telephone numbers and circulate amongst the pensioners. Even in time grief to Pensioners, it gives sympathy to them and nurses them.

The Association will be registered with Registrar of Co-Op. Societies and with other competent authorities for legalize, effective and authentic functioning.

It proposes to build up a web site of its own so as to provide its members necessary information. It contemplates to commence session for mental uplift of its members by imparting them necessary infrastructure.


D.D. MISTRY SPEECH: 25.04.06 DDM Speech